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What Kaasiḏa's Gulnari Embroidered Dress represents

Gulnari Embroidered Dress serves as a reminder to embrace your authentic self with love and confidence

In a world often dominated by mass production and conformity in fashion, Kaasiḏa stands as a beacon of individuality and self-expression. Our all-new Gulnari Embroidered Dress is crafted with intention and care, transcending trends to embody the timeless elegance of feminine grace. Whether it's the vibrant pink hue or the intricate hand embroidery adorning it, each element represents something unique in the individuals who wear it.

Celebrating Individuality:

Pronounced Gool-naah-ree, the word Gulnari draws inspiration from the Urdu language, symbolising a vivid rose pink colour or a species of Dianthus (carnation). As a brand, Kaasiḏa's message to the world is to love and celebrate what makes you unique. Through the Gulnari Embroidered Dress, we embrace and honour the playful, loving, and nurturing femininity within you. Infused with vibrant energy, Gulnari sparks joy wherever you wear it.

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An Ancient Craft:

Let us delve into the rich heritage of the embroidery showcased on the Gulnari Embroidered Dress. Chikankari, a meticulous hand embroidery technique originating from North India, carries centuries of tradition, expertise, and cultural significance. This ancient art form intertwines delicate threads, creating intricate patterns that narrate stories of generations past.

Indian artisan doing block printing and embroidered on a red cotton fabric

Human Connection and Empowerment:

At the core of every Kaasiḏa embroidered clothing piece lies a female artisan whose soul and passion radiate through every stitch and motif. The Gulnari Embroidered Dress is a unique creation infused with the artistic spirit that forges a connection between you and the talented women who bring your garments to life. When you wear the Gulnari Embroidered Dress, you not only look good, but you also feel good, knowing that you have positively impacted the lives of these female artisans by empowering them economically.

A group of female artisans from India holding a banner that reads "I made your clothes".

Beyond Fashion:

The Gulnari Embroidered Dress goes beyond mere fashion; it embodies the celebration of individuality, craftsmanship, and the ancient art of hand embroidery. It serves as a reminder for you to embrace your authentic self with love and confidence. The Gulnari Embroidered Dress invites you to become part of a legacy that cherishes traditions and encourages self-expression, ultimately fostering a more authentic and diverse fashion landscape.

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